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People sometimes make the comparison to 3D TV, but I don't recall anyone actually wanting 3D TV other than gear geeks who buy everything to fill the existential void in their souls. Also, I don't recall demos of 3D TV making converts out of people. It was neat, but once you saw it, you figured out it wasn't going to fundamentally change how media works.

VR on the other hand: if someone hasn't already been waiting for it for decades, as soon as they yet Fruit Ninja in the Vive, they immediately demand to have it in their homes. I've been working in the VR space for almost two years now and it was just a month ago when my wife got to try Fruit Ninja that she finally understood what I've been working on. "We need this in the house" she said. "We don't have the room" I replied. Which is why my company is doing a pop-up arcade here in DC until the end of October (http://notiontheory.com/notionvr).

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