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China is and will continue to be the largest consumer VR market for the near term (1-2 yrs). By 2018, will likely have ~4M HTC Vives live in cyber cafes, arcades and malls, and ~10M stand alone and mobile VR headsets across tier 1 cities. The rough math is about a $8B high end hardware market, $2B mid to low end mobile VR hardware market, and $2-$3B in software services and game revenues.

Almost all of the high quality, AAA games and apps will be produced by US/European studios for this period, for consumption largely by Chinese consumers.

(edited to answer your original question more directly)

I went to one of the VR arcades in Hong Kong, extremely cheap to play. They were a gaming cafe that introduced a couple Vives. Currently, from what I can tell having just toured, there are virtually no Vive arcades in mainland China. I tried those bad VR setups though (those lame 9D experiences), such poor latency. VR hasn't quite hit the mainstream hype yet.

Last month I saw a machine similar to this [1] at a trade show in Guangzhou, I asked some kids after they finished playing, they all loved it very much.

[1] https://detail.1688.com/pic/536274760161.html?spm=

I'm pretty sure that vr headset is the HTC Vive. Check it out: https://www.google.com/search?q=htc+vr&espv=2&biw=1920&bih=9...

You are right, HTC Vive is actually mentioned in their product detail page.

The listed price is 68000 RMB, about 10K USD. I guess this includes the entire headset, a high-end computer, and the platform itself. No idea how big the margin would be. Might be good at this early stage.

Shouldn't Japan be a great market? People get familiarized with the PS VR and they have a thriving arcade culture.

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