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Check out A-Frame (https://aframe.io) for a super simple way to get started with VR in the browser. Even Liv who created this awesome introduction (almost a year ago) has been repping more WebVR at recent conference talks. Microsoft even recently announced intent to develop WebVR APIs for Microsoft Edge.

I can't wait for WebVR in Edge. They are doing it specifically to support Hololens. I recently did two projects for clients, a VR app in WebVR and an AR app in Unity. The ridiculously long compile and load times in Unity, plus the dual-headed editing experience of using the Unity editor and Visual Studio were significant impediments to the development process. In WebVR, I was significantly more productive because I could test so much faster, sometimes even tweaking settings on the fly without having to reload the app. Once Edge in Hololens gets WebVR, I can dump Unity and stick to my own framework, Primrose (https://primrosevr.com)

+1 to Kevin's note about Aframe - I've been building on it for a few months now, and can attest to it being the easiest entry point for devs with even the most basic chops. Plus Kevin and team run an awesome Slack group for devs that's very responsive.

Here's a fun showcase of aframe projects: https://github.com/aframevr/awesome-aframe#scenes

This looks pretty cool.

I have a question for the VR developers here. I'm interested in content for architecture and a few other things, but is anyone seriously experimenting with content other than games? Maybe it's a bit too early.

Healthcare and education are two of the big use cases I'm seeing outside of the gaming space. Architecture and real estate is another space that is seeing traction. Right now a lot of energy is going into improving how people work with 3D tooling (engines, 3D modeling and formats, etc) but I can say concretely that I see quite a few non-gaming projects and companies working in a number of verticals with VR.

I'm also primarily seeing production use cases of Journalism, E-Commerce, Real Estate for WebVR.

I'm loving A-Frame! I should definitely do an updated video for it, I'm still working with it a lot and I'm so impressed by how powerful it's becoming.

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