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sarcasm is better part of life, it's not limiting it's enriching :) I fail to understand why people hate it?

It's the sarcasm tied to apparent lack of desire to discover or communicate actual information.

There are entire organizations devoted to assessing the effectiveness of various kinds of charity and measuring how many lives they save (e.g. http://www.givewell.org/ and https://www.givingwhatwecan.org/), and their reports can be found within 20 seconds of googling, less time than it took for you to type your based-on-no-actual-information sarcastic judgement.

Sarcasm plus knowledge would be fine.

Sarcasm has its places. Hacker News discussion threads are not so much among them.

So it's not so much that people here hate sarcasm as that they value the differences between Hacker News and other places on the internet where people type text in boxes.

After a while, overtly sarcastic tone gets a bit boring when you get to read it every day in the every corner of internet over any possible issue.

And in my experience, it's rarely very effective in changing people's opinions, if they are not tending to agree with you already in the first place.

Okay people, you win. I wasn't trying to change opinions, I just kept my own. I'm still new here so let's consider this an experiment in public discourse.

Peace ;)

Because it's juvenile and lazy.

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