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You are not alone but not common. I have the very similar experience with reading. I prefer textbooks than novels in general and I am indeed slow in going through them.

I think I understand it more in depth and pay attention to more details than other I've talked to about this. It seems like a forced trade-off to me as I have no choice but to continue this way with reading. I cannot simply proceed if questions are unanswered.

Looking it from an advantage point if the good read is chosen the knowledge is acquired and understood in powerful depth. I guess better teachers we would be.

"I cannot simply proceed if questions are unanswered."

I know this feeling. I do force myself to proceed but it feels like I'm cheating myself. Do you always hang around at that point until you clear up the question? What if it's something that would benefit if you allowed it to brew in the back of your mind? How do you keep track of such questions.

Sorry if i'm splitting hairs.

If it is something that I do not know the definition or complexity of it I search it at that point. Sometimes this initiates the Wikipedia effect which can distract. Naturally if this happens a lot during one reading that gives me a signal that perhaps I should take a step back and read more basic stuff.

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