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Lego Gearbox - 7 Speed + Reverse (hackaday.com)
34 points by dkasper on Apr 9, 2010 | hide | past | web | favorite | 8 comments

That's cooler than a real Veyron ;) Amazing. Lego has been my favorite 'toy' since age two or so when I inherited an enormous pile of it from the time when lego was first launched.

The uncle who gave it to me has been my favorite ever since :) Runners up where meccano and fisher technik, but I only got my hands on those much later.

Now, a good 43 years later some of that same lego + the additions of several family members has made its way to children two generations down the line and is still in use. Most of the 40+ year old parts still look pretty good, and are still in 'daily' use.

Rather than any of the shiny toys with 'batteries included' of some merchandising formula I give little kids lego for their birthdays, and I'm always happy to see that years later when all the 'shiny toys' have long been forgotten the lego is still in (more often than not quite original) use.

I credit lego with my passion for 'modular' programming.

I loved Lego as a kid too, but I was disappointed to see that it progressed from general purpose to more and more "made to fit" parts for the specific kit it was sold for. It seemed to be going away from encouraging kids free creativity towards a "here, build fancy thing that adult designed and made special pieces for". Maybe my fear was overblown?

I never got any of those, always just tons of plain blocks, axels, gears. The most 'dedicated' parts that I ever had were the windows and the small wheel bits.

The marketeers at lego seem to be relatively under control, it didn't get out of hand as much as with other toy companies. The 'themed' lego is another thing to stay away from I think.

Forget the iPad, where do I get one of these? For the kids, of course ;)

this is the guys homepage:


That's incredible. This video shows just the transmission:


I used to love building lego gearboxes as a kid.

The best I ever did was three speeds plus reverse, but then I was only eight ;).

love all the details. working brakes, remote control hood retraction, remote control wing, just like the real Venyron.

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