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I like how others are using this post to link to their own resumes.

I understand, a picture is worth a thousand words, but this is too convenient.

Anyway, I vote for plain text too, somehow it looks more serious and clean.

I appreciate seeing the concrete examples of people's real resumes, and they're interesting glimpses into somebody else's life that I would have never have experienced, since I'm not a recruiter.

I'd advise plain or simply formatted resumes (unless you're a designer who can apply your specialty in a relevant way to a resume).

At Sun, one of the interns applying to the SunTools desktop user interface group made an interactive GUI version of their resume called ResumeTool!

But now days (at least for software development jobs) isn't it easier to just provide a link to your LinkedIn page and GitHub pages?

LinkedIn has a "View Profile As => Save as PDF" feature. A quick google [1] reveals there are a bunch of tools to convert your LinkedIn profile into a resume, even one from LinkedIn labs [2] (which seems to be offline now, but here's an quora question about it [3]).

[1] https://www.google.com/search?q=linkedin+export+profile+as+r...

[2] http://resume.linkedinlabs.com/

[3] https://www.quora.com/Is-there-a-useful-tool-for-converting-...

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