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I really like plain resume. I had my resume in .doc/.docx format, but couldn't a proper way to edit it on linux. So I moved to web based resume. Here it is : http://resume.rohittrivedi.com/ .

I've taken the source code from here https://github.com/jglovier/resume-template and made changes according to my requriement.

This may be a cultural thing as I see you are apparently Bengali but I would put your title/responsibilities in bold for the sub-headings, and the employer name smaller. At least internationally speaking, nobody really ever cares more about the employer than what you did there. Secondly, terms like MNC are hyper South Asian and should be dropped 99% of the time in international communication. Something like "...have experience working effectively within all scales of organization" would arguably be more natural/generic/international. Also replace "%age" with "%".

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