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My motivation at my age: Make my primary job my second job and make enough money in my startup so that it becomes my primary job.

How do I stay motivated to keep at it with my startup? Aside from enjoying doing what I do, developing web apps, I write down the potential profit involved that I could be making every month. Those are the numbers I want to be making that I'm currently not making and that is what keeps me motivated.

Money isn't everything.. that is certainly true! But making enough money to pay off my mortage, my credit card debt, my bills, and still have enough left over to donate to a cause and have some peace of mind is the underlying motivator.

Hey Matt. What is your startup, if you don't mind me asking, of course.

Hey Ryan, although I'm still developing the projects, I began an umbrella business which specializes in delivering affordable communication services to companies and individuals.

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