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1) passing job interviews is a skill orthogonal to coding abilities. You might want to get a book and start training on that.

2) I failed Google's interview 6 times. OK, so I don't work at Google, but I am still a decent software engineer loving functional programming and distributed systems.

>I failed Google's interview 6 times.

During last few years me and 2 of my friends passed the interview and got offers there. Everytime Google came up with noticeably (like $10K-$15K) lower salary than the then current pretty typical SSE salary of the candidate with barely balancing that decrease by stock (with total being $5K-$15K higher on a good market day). One of the friends even took that offer with obvious result - more disappointed by the offer than enthusiastic he barely made through the first year and run away.

5-15k is within the negotiation margin in the markets google hires in. So im not sure it means too much (though from people I know who work there, I have felt that they underpaid a bit, because of all their perks that adds up and some people are ok with that).

That sounds like supply and demand pricing, people want to work for Google even if the salary is low. It could also be a good pay off in that some people will value you as a better programmer because you're ex google? The right move might well be to take a position for a year and leave if you don't like it, on leaving I imagine you can get a better paid position more easily than before it was on your CV??

This is exactly how salaries become how they are in the gaming industry.

Source: I worked in the gaming industry. Everyone wants to work at Blizzard, so why pay people what they're worth? Because you get what you pay for.

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