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For me, interviewing is the worst part of being a software developer. Now that I am a little more senior (5 years experience) I can see that its pretty miserable doing the interviews as well.

There are plenty of reasons that I haven't gotten a job that had nothing to do with me, for example, the CIO already had a third party ready to do the same work or they already had someone at my level of experience and focus.

The only thing that has worked for me is focusing on what I have done, and look for companies that also need those problems solved.

> Now that I'm a little more senior ... I can see that its pretty miserable doing the interviews as well.

I think part of this is that people too often view interviewing as an adversarial process.

It may help you to enjoy it more if you look at it as a collaborative game that you are playing with the applicant. Your role in the game is to guide them through the process without breaking any rules like asking questions that are too leading, etc. I find this mindset helps me to maximise the applicant's chance of success without compromising the goals of the process. I think it also helps you to subconsciously adopt a manner of speaking and body language that is a bit more friendly and approachable.

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