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Copyright and IP (and probably real estate) are pretty much the only way for capitalists to make money the more things like internet, 3D printing, AI, robotics and so on are available to the masses. To me it's the only way to keep the current power structures intact so for a lot of powerful people copyright laws are probably the most important laws. They don't need the state for personal protection (they can pay for security guards instead of police) but they need the state for protecting their livelihood.

> They don't need the state for personal protection

"The Hamptons is not a defensible position."

~ Mark Blyth (prof. of Political Economy at Brown), on the recent rise in populism rejection of traditional politics (e.g. Trump, brexit, etc)


That's why there is a call for more military while cutting everything else.

What an awesome quote! I've added it to https://github.com/globalcitizen/taoup (my fortune database .. have a browse)

There's scads of money being made on the infrastructure, network, and equipment that's used to pirate films. Perhaps companies like Google and Apple should be paying Hollywood more for the material that people consume through their hardware/software. Hollywood's decline would be bad for both of these companies.

Is it really capitalism, and is their activity really supported by the market, if it requires overly broad and heavy-handed government intervention?

Would a true free market not encourage copyright to fail, and industries like the internet, AI, robotics, and 3D printing to take over?

Probably. But the market is not free by any means.

Yet they are fining those people some millions on the basis that they made a profit...

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