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Dropped Linux support in the process :-/

"Currently WebKit2 is available for Mac and Windows, and we would gladly accept patches to add more ports." does not sound like they are dropping anything.

We're also not deleting any of the existing APIs - we expect there to be a gradual migration to the new model.

I only worry that if Linux isn't an official platform, it won't get the same updates that the real ones will and will fall into bitrot.

WebKit isn't an end user product -- it's a library, ports are maintained by the people who want the port, there are active gtk, qt, wx, and efl ports. WebKit doesn't have a set of "supported" platforms, each port is responsible for maintaining their own backend support, and their front facing API.

There's also the element of "linux" not meaning much in this context -- as I said above there are multiple port, eg. webkit/gtk, qtwebkit, webkit/wx, etc

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