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Everything was handed to me in life. Not much but enough to get to middle class if I had just followed the rules and stuck with it. But I didn't. I failed out my physics/engineering program. I now work in a factory, and owe around 50K which I barely make 19K a year.

My life sucks. But I'm also young. I watch movies, sci Fi movies/shows which motivates me. I want that life. But then I try to program and I'm like "Holy crap. I'm so far away..."

I hate going to work I perform the same tasks over 6,000 in a day. Everyday is the same. I am wasting my life.

Motivation by fear isn't a good thing. Like the cliche, follow what you love.

Me I'm about trying to get out of my situation. Make money. I HAVE AN IDEA!!!

The problem is discipline. Sleep is a basic thing. Screw up your sleep pattern. You end up wasting time being awake and trying to fall asleep/not able to work.

Yeah discipline is the big thing. And true motivation from a desire/longing to do whatever it is with an internal driving force.

Argh. That must feel frustrating & demoralizing. Are you working full time at the factory? Are you working on a project on the side to help lift yourself out of the situation? How do you keep your spirits up? (If it were me, I think that situation would weigh down my self esteem - hanging out with friends would be very important to me to stay upbeat.)

I agree that motivation by fear isn't a good thing & doesn't work for everyone. The times I was most fearful, I found the fear & anxiety paralyzing and I wasn't productive at all.

Being young is good. Things can change quickly - you never know where you'll be in 5 years, 2 years, even next year. I wish you good luck!

I'm not sure if I replied to you. I think I replied to myself. Also I'm new to HN so I didn't know how to check for messages.

Yeah it sucks, but you know, I made the decisions to get here. Also I've burned bridges too, which made me concerned like "How will I get a job without references?" but factories you know, they'll hire just about anybody.

I work on web development (freelance) on my spare time, but I'm bad at pricing/businessman and also I'm not that great (reinvent the wheel, use bad code, etc...). I'm really into technology, aviation, robotics, programming, I want to be one of those that I read about in the news. Space. AI, etc... it just sucks being there. I'm trapped. I have this miserable look on my face all the time. I feel bad that people see it. But I can't hide it too, I hate it. But other people also hate this job, but they don't seem to make it other people's problems.

So I just day dream while I lose myself cutting meat in the factory. I dream of ideas, designs, etc... I fear I am delusional, if I make the money then I must not be right? So far I haven't made any money so... not going very well haha.

I was in a box, for the last two years, now it's a corner, hopefully it'll be a room(box again)/house.

Yeah it's hard to keep sane. Sorry I ranted.

I am trying to quit watching shows/browsing websites. As soon as I start. My productivity is just sucked away. IQ points drop and I'm left as a drooling idiot.

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