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Do you have warnings on the tube to tell people that the toothpaste is toxic to children?

80 mg of caffeine at 90 "servings" per tube is 7200mg.

The LD50 for caffeine is 150mg/kg, so each tube is enough to potentially kill two 20kb toddlers.

"two 20kb toddlers."

Is that a mistype or do you really measure babies in kilobits?

That's kilobabies

20kg would be a preschooler at least.

Yes, we have a prominent warning on both the tube and the box that reads, "WARNING: For use by adults 18 years and older only. Keep away from children." Additionally, the tube comes shipped with a silver foil tamper-proof seal.

No child proof cap? Sounds like a disaster waiting to happen given that most people keep toothpaste in their bathroom and don't take extraordinary care to keep it away from children as they do with other toxic products. (floridated toothpaste is also hazardous to children, but much less toxic than a tube with over 7g of caffeine)

The child proof cap would double as a reminder to the adult that they are on the hard stuff! :-)

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