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There is a difference (both in terms of perceived and actual value) between "never stop learning" and constantly being on the language/framework-of-the-year treadmill.

It's funny, I've been in the industry so long and I usually stay at places 5+ years, so I've been able to skip quite a few trends. When new guys come in, I'll ask about the stuff I've skipped wondering if they are still relevant. Sometimes they are and sometimes I hear things like, "oh, that's so old, this is the new thing."

Yup, I lucked out by hitching my horse to C++ and Linux early in my career. The need for either of them never seems to go away. Also bet on a few technologies that kind of petered out, like OpenGL, and there were a few I'm glad I didn't waste time on.

You can always catch-up and learn something that becomes important/mainstream, but you can't un-waste your time deep diving on a dead-end technology.

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