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I worked at Microsoft Redmond in 2009. They have a private uber like transport system. Around once a week the driver would hand me their resume and ask that I pass it on to my manager. It turns out that many of them had worked in the industry and were trying to get back in. They had a lot of experience and big important job titles etc. Mostly from the 2001 tech boom. That was my wake up call. If I'm not careful someday I will be the one handing out resumes to passengers.

So I focused on skills and went into contracting as soon as I could. Now the reason I don't work for startups is that they keep trying to pay me with a mystery box of stock options and I'm not buying it.

Another bonus about contracting, apart from the money and flexibility, is that you get left out of company politics.

So tl;dr... Life doesn't owe you anything. And I recommend contracting as a career / lifestyle choice.

> you get left out of company politics

And if you work 80 hours a week, you get paid 2x as much.

And if you work 10 hours a week, you get paid 25% as much.

This isn't a dig at freelancing / contracting. I did it for a while and it was great. But you have to be realistic. Also, billing 80h per week would be near impossible unless you had someone else managing your business for you.

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