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I find it weird we consider over 30 old when legal protection doesn't kick in until we are over 40.

Even without the legality, it is super weird. If someone told me I was old at 30 I would laugh :)

My spouse is a dancer. They generally retire at around 30 yrs. old. (And by retire, I mean find a different job because you aren't going to retire on a dancer's salary.)

> My spouse is a dancer. They generally retire at around 30 yrs. old.

The varies a bit depending on the kind of dance, but, yeah, people who can stay in dance much longer than that (and, really, people who can make a decent living in it at all, even below that age), mostly do so as dance instructors, choreographers, etc., with their own dancing (if its even something they directly get paid for at all) sort of an adjunct and means of advertising the other parts of what they do.

There's something much weaker in technology (not just in computing) in the worker -> manager push, where people who don't jump that divide by a particular time start being seen as less desirable as workers. But its brutal in dance (and only partly due to the actual physical requirements of performing the movements.)

Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. Or leotard, really :)

It's amazing if you can even live as a dancer. Usually, there's a second job. (I worked in CS in parallel to the dance thing. And at some point looked at the pay checks :)

I suppose there are many aspects in regards to aging. The concept of young vs old I suppose is a strange cognitive shortcut to apply when what you really care about is fitness at a particular activity. All the more reason to dispense with it!

I am curious, did they need to retire because they no longer possessed whatever it took to dance, or was it because people in their industry assumed they no longer could, or simply because they needed a more lucrative job?

I find it odd that 18-40 year olds are not legally protected from age discrimination in the US.

Its largely an example of a solution very narrowly crafted to the way a problem seemed to be manifesting at the time it was created, rather than generalizing to the ways it could manifest in the future.

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