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This is a great explanation of how to really start seeing objects. Like you, I just look for data that travels together. Then I find code that only ever gets used on that data. I pull it out and figure out a name for it. This observational approach avoids a ton of architecture astronautics, where people dream up giant object hierarchies and stick with them no matter what the code is telling them.

The main compliment I'd suggest to this approach is Eric Evans' book Domain-Driven Design: https://www.amazon.com/Domain-Driven-Design-Tackling-Complex...

In a bottom-up approach, you can often break things down in a variety of ways. But the most stable/useful ways are often the ones that align with the conceptual model of the domain. If I notice that certain data and behavior goes together with incoming money, I might call that an InboundMoneyWorkingUnit. But if I talk to people who've spent years working in the domain, I'll realize the object should be called Payment, and their description of what a Payment does will inform my hunt for other objects and methods.

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