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Would you please direct me to an example of MIRI's Red Team efforts that isn't the recent "Malevolent AI" paper [0]? Adherence to the belief that UFAI is a threshold-grade existential risk seems to compel a "define first, delay implementation" strategy, lest any step forward be the irrevocable wrong one.

[0] http://arxiv.org/abs/1605.02817

This makes me think the only thing we disagree on is the meaning of the words "red team" and "blue team" :)

When I say it feels like we spend a lot of time red teaming, that means I think we spend somewhere between 30 and 60% of research time trying to break things and see how they fail. This is fully compatible with not immediately implementing things - it's much less expensive to break something /before/ you build it.

It is refreshing when only the maps, and not the objects, are under serious contention. I suspect I still might prefer walking a shade closer to the line dividing definitely intra and potentially extra boxed agents, but you are the ones actually in the arena - do keep up the interesting work.

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