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> I'm willing to pay a 5-10% penalty, and give up compatibility with the Motorola 68000 platform, to get well-defined and predictable behavior. Maybe you keep C/C++ for that gaming OS, or that Wall Street trading system. But on my server? I can spare the CPU cycles.

Come over to the land of Rust, where you can keep your high performance memory semantics and safety :).

Seriously, life-long C++ dev here. Been writing C++ for almost 20 years now and I don't feel like there's anything I could do in C++ that I can't in Rust(both performance and functionality-wise).

I dabble with it every time a new release comes out, but I feel it still lacks many features relevant to me and our customers, ability to easily interoperate with COM like .NET languages, C++/CX, Delphi, C++ Builder do, is one of them.

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