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The sort of puppy-dog C++ style on Arduinos - a sort of pedomorphic variation on "'C' with classes", chock full of singletons and the inability of constructors to operate unless they're called in A Certain Place - pretty much works.

What's less attractive is Dogmatic Bikeshedding C++ OO Fundamentalism.

> What's less attractive is Dogmatic Bikeshedding C++ OO Fundamentalism.

Is that a thing? I always saw more of that in the Java world than C++ -- Java's standard library is rife with the singleton factory decorator monstrosities that have come to be associated with OO, C++ and the standard library have always felt more generic-programy. Now egregious use of obscure template meta programming tricks because of perceived (vs measured) performance gains, I've seen some horrors there...

When the design patterns book was written it was all about Smalltalk and C++.

I guess you missed the boat on CORBA, COM and DCOM, fun days...

J2EE architects were mostly former C++ architects that moved into Java land.

Also UWP APIs are actually the second coming of COM as .NET was originally supposed to be.

its actually the full gcc compiler on arduino.... not that they advertise that.

They were pretty upfront about it being gcc/g++ - the "Arduino" part are the built-in things like Serial.

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