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this is potentially a big idea. there are hundreds of jobs on upwork "convert my old wordpress site to markdown/jekyll" or "convert my old drupal site to markdown/jekyll".

even if you manage to convert a wordpress site to jekyll (with all images, formatting,etc)... you are onto something big.

I would pay 20-30$ for a one time conversion of a few dozen pages.

    for p in *.html; do 
        pandoc -p -f html -t markdown-raw_html-native_divs-native_spans -o"${p/.html/.md}" "${p}"; 

none of these (including the importrb one) is seamless. you have to install ruby, you have to install pandoc..etc

what you want is a way where you point to a github account and wordpress site... and 5 minutes later, your github pages are filled with your blog pages . All nicely formatted and with all images.

Or how about just a "static site" (html files):

  wget -m -k -K -E -p http://example.com

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