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It is not a strange logic and I am not talking only about quality.

I am talking about IT being one of the few professions in 2016, with individuals that expect to earn money while using tools produced with the effort of others for free (beer), while not giving anything back (not even bug reports, unless their own customers press them against the wall).

So the question isn't about the quality, rather how many Emacs and vi users would have actually payed for them, if they were only available as commercial software?

Vim is charity ware actually or at least that's how it was qualified when I started using it. Most of the long time vim users I know have donated several times. Vim and Emacs also have shit loads of plugins, which can make them behave just like Atom or VSCode so as usual I think it's just a matter of preference.

I am yet to know anyone that gave any money to Vim.

Would those shit loads of plugins exist if people had to pay for them?

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