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This package suffers from what I like to call the paper.pdf problem - very different files, rather uselessly (although not entirely illogically) given identical file names:

    ~/Downloads % md5 VSCode*
    MD5 (VSCode-darwin-stable(1).zip) = b33b479ffa87052d05ed0141e64ad8a8
    MD5 (VSCode-darwin-stable.zip) = 86f129fe0d75c195370da4b46814389c
    ~/Downloads % ls -l VSCode*.zip
    -rw-r--r--@ 1 tom  staff  49908098  8 Sep 23:04 VSCode-darwin-stable(1).zip
    -rwxrwxrwx  1 tom  staff  43345974  1 Apr 01:56 VSCode-darwin-stable.zip*

I have noticed Microsoft do that a lot.

I was downloading an update to MS Sql the other day and the file was named exactly the same as the prior version. I was quite confused and could not even check if it was a later version until I double-clicked the installer.

Not sure what is stopping them from appending a version number to their filenames.

what do you mean, can you explain? isn't that correct behavior if you rename the file?

In April I downloaded VSCode version 1.something, or whatever, and got VSCode-darwin-stable.zip. And now, today, I download VSCode version 1.5, and get... VSCode-darwin-stable.zip. Two files with the same name. Of course, Firefox renames them, so it's not like the older one got overwritten, but that extra little "(1)" isn't actually telling me much.

This made me think of all the times I've downloaded this or that paper from somebody's website, and I've ended up downloading a(nother) file called "paper.pdf"... though, just to annoy me, now that I actually try to make the point, at the moment my downloads folder has exactly 0 files called paper.pdf...

We recently improved this for Linux, the latest .rpm package for example is now named code-1.5.1-1473370243.el7.x86_64.rpm. This is a good suggestion, I created an issue :) https://github.com/Microsoft/vscode/issues/11722

Same issue with setup.exe on Windows. I wonder if I could use machine learning to organise my downloads folder...

They mean the file name is the same and you end up with several files in the download folder without knowing what's the one you need.

If only we could sort files by date or something like that.

Fine in this case; not so good for paper.pdf or setup.exe!

It's not the end of the world, just a minor annoyance, of a type I'd seen before, that (having 5 free minutes while in the middle of something) I felt moved to comment on.

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