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Why would you use VS Code (even with vim keybindings) over vim? Is there something you can't do in vim but can in VS Code?

To be honest, to setup vim to provide the features VS Code provides out of the box takes a long time and dedication.

Can't you store your dotfiles on GitHub and just clone them whenever you need your env?

note, I don't do this - I use vanilla vsc for my text editor. I've just seen many who do.

The debugging experience is vastly superior in VS Code, not to mention the pain of setting it up in vim in the first place.

I have as yet been unable to get the code completion working. Were you able to?

If you mean IntelliSense in VS Code, I just got this figured out today! The official docs will walk you through it[1]. Be careful about reading blogs about how to do it, the process has changed from when you used to use "tsd". You need to click the little green light bulb at the bottom right of the editor to create a jsconfig.json file. Then install the typings module with: npm install -g typings

then install the language files you want. This will install node completion: typings install dt~node --global

Much easier than before!

[1] https://code.visualstudio.com/docs/runtimes/nodejs#_great-co...

No, I don't use vim or any similar arcane editor. When I hear someone is happy e.g. with vim, and then I see how they use it (e.g. you can see screencasts from Golang team on youtube) - they just use it as a vanilla plain text editor, slightly better (or worse?) than Notepad.exe. Maybe basic syntax coloring, and that's it, nothing more...

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