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> On this day and age many don't want to pay for tools.

Main part of pycharm is free and open source: https://blog.jetbrains.com/pycharm/2013/10/pycharm-3-0-commu... .

> Sometimes I wonder if Emacs and Vi would be so appreciated if they were commercial as well, without any FOSS version available.

One reason for multitude of emacs extensions is the open source nature. Average IntelliJ user is less likely to write extension than emacs user.

I think a comparing intellij platform to eclipse makes more sense. Why is eclipse so unintuitive?

For example, why must I click ok after pushing a change to a remote git server? Shouldn't it be a toast?

The same question is even more relevant to emacs and vim. Why are they so unintuitive ?

Intuitiveness is honestly a relative problem. I've been using vi for a long time. What's intuitive to me? Moving my cursor with hjkl is intuitive to me. Using `C-w h` to move my cursor to NERDTree, then searching for my file with `/filename` and opening it with enter makes taking my hand off the keyboard to move my mouse to double-click on a file seem absolutely barbaric.

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