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What would full Visual Studio get you that VSC does not? IMO, the main awesomesauce of VS, and its advantages over other IDEs and editors, are

1. The first-in-class debugger

2. Intellisense

3. Really good support for Windows-specific technologies like Win32 and COM

VSC has 1 and 2 either now, or on its roadmap. As for 3, why do you want to develop for Windows on a Mac? I guess I don't understand what you need that VSC isn't already giving you, or planning to.

Visual GUI editor (though that was a bigger deal in the past)

First-in-class C# support


Object browser

Hit "F1" to get help on that function

Search everywhere

Templates / Code library

MSDN is very thorough (if wordy), lots of examples and documentation

* * *

I use VSCode at work a bit; it's faster than Atom but not as fast as sublime. It's a decent code editor, I guess if I was full-on JS I'd love it but it's still kinda eh

Lots of good progress though; I definitely have my eye on this one

Refactoring. Does that come with Intellisense? I've found that even 'rename this symbol' is extremely hard to find support for even in static languages.

It does, but it requires support from language services so it's language dependent (just because a language has syntax highlighting, it may not necessarily have 'rename symbol' support)

VS Code does good renames (across project) in TypeScript, at least.

VS still has a ton more features though.

I don't appear to be able to put the debugger windows wherever I want in VSCode, let alone create additional ones... so I'd say that VSCode isn't really a substitute :(

Not guzzling battery life at idle would be a good start.

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