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You can find it under name IntelliJ IDEA.app ;)

Was working with Angular 2 code today. WebStorm: 1.2gb memory used. VS Code: 45mb. WS gives me a few bells and whistles, but I prefer Code's lightness, and that it doesn't have a "screw you I'm indexing again" mode.

I like vscode too, but that does not mean, that they are in the same weight category. Vscode is "just" an editor, while IDEA is a full-blown IDE. The original poster wanted the full Visual Studio, not vscode.

(However, for some reason, I like the code completion in python mode in IDEA more than in vscode. It doesn't feel right, like the IDEA one does.)

In terms of WebStorm, dont forget to exclude tmp folders and other generated, transpiled content folder to exclude from indexing, otherweise it will be always busy. :)

Which by the way is the very first thing that I found as recommendation for how to configure projects for VSCode when I tried it today, and very explicitly:

See 'Using the "exclude" property' on https://code.visualstudio.com/docs/languages/jsconfig

    > The exclude attribute tells the language service what files are and are not part of your
    > source code. This keeps performance at a high level. If IntelliSense is slow, add folders
    > to your exclude list (VS Code will prompt you to do this if it detects the slow down).
I went back to WebStorm though after checking VSCode out. I'm using "static type checking through IDE an JSDoc" instead of TypeScript or Flow, although I'm always evaluating both. This far I keep watching them, WebStorm alerts me to type mismatches based on all the JSDoc and Google Closure compiler type annotations I have for each and every variable, function and parameter. VSCode supports it a lot less well than WebStorm, which if you use TypeScript won't matter that much to you. I'll probably go with Flow at some point, WebStorm is getting support for it right now, it's in the current EAP (early access program). I think those who use TypeScript may probably be the closest to getting what I would get from WebStorm, although the latter also has very good TypeScript support. What I like about WebStorm is that they react pretty quickly to (good) bug reports, I filed about a hundred and 2/3rd of them have been solved quickly, of the remaining various type inference issues for example for destructured variables or parameters still need fixing, but that's because of my JSDoc reliance which I'm not sure many other people use.

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