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The Apple Plug – our lightest product ever (appleplugs.com)
90 points by forrestbrazeal on Sept 7, 2016 | hide | past | web | favorite | 11 comments

Satirical page by design firm Nicer. Advertises an audiojack plug to make contemporary iphones as smooth in that spot as the iphone7

Meh. Too easy. Very Jay Leno/Everybody Loves Raymond-quality.

The fact that it feels so true is a testament to how little is perceived to have changed about the iPhone 7 over earlier models like the iPhone 6s.

That does look like it would be extremely difficult to remove.

I accidentally broke a 3.5mm jack while it was plugged in; getting it out with tweezers was fantastically difficult. This looks like it would be impossible to remove unless you had a magically sticky suction cup.

Exactly like in iPhone. What's the matter? Can't stop the progress! ;-)

http://get.pressybutton.com/ Android did it first ;)

Not the same thing. The Pressy Button has a usable function.

Meh, Android devices beat them there. My MyTouch back in 2009 didn't have a headphone jack. Apple's just a copycat.

Innovative technology indeed! But in order to be as accurate as possible, they need to provide an extra case that we'll have to carry around and whose Lightning connector will make our charger unavailable to recharge the phone.

Wow good point, I never thought about the fact that with AirPads there are now two batteries competing for the attention of your lightning charger.

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