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The Ubiquiti "EdgeRouter" series features Cavium Octeons. They're moderately fast MIPS64 SoCs with hardware offload for a lot of common network operations.

OpenBSD does have a port for the ER series, but it's separate from the SGI MIPS ports:


How good is that edgerouter hardware? The price is pretty attractive.

(I just realized that's a pretty subjective question but I actually am interested in the opinion of someone who has interest in the odd corners of openbsd)

I have one for my gigabit connection at home and quite like it. It's able to hit about 933mbps to WAN->LAN which is important.

Note: I don't use OpenBSD on it, just the default OS which is a custom roll of Debian.

It's worth noting that hitting that performance relies on hardware acceleration not available on OpenBSD. I've read it can still manage ~100 mbps on OpenBSD which should be good enough for most people. But keep that in mind if you want serious routing performance and OpenBSD.

Is that a hardware acceleration of some portion of the network stack that's not carrying over to OpenBSD?

It's certainly not a problem for me if that's really just a limit on bandwidth, and not some kind of additional CPU load or network latency.

I believe the router relies on a binary blob that lets EdgeOS (based on Vyatta which is based on Debian) offload routing to some specialized hardware.

I run a OpenBSD router in a PC Engine Apu1d and it's more than fast enough. I can hit 700+ mbps on iperf with a basic pf rule set. Since OpenBSD is in the middle of updating their network stack to enable SMP I'd bet that number will rise with the next couple releases. I found mailing list posts from a year ago that have the iperf benchmarks of the apu1d right at 500 mbps. I'm interested to see if the network changes that landed in 6.0 will mean a measurable difference. This is entirely academic on a 30 mbps connection but I like it when numbers change.

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