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Ask HN: Any unfinished side projects to give away?
170 points by s3b on Sept 4, 2016 | hide | past | web | favorite | 130 comments
Would anyone like to give away / sell the projects which they've started but have no time or interest to finish?

I had been building http://wishcan.com, a drag-and-drop travel planner, and will hand it off to someone willing to continue the work. Trip planning is difficult to get right, and notoriously hard to find a business model for. I think it's simply because no one has gotten the UI/UX perfect. I am now working on an IoT platform called http://smartxlab.com

WishCan looks pretty awesome. Great job! I built something very similar: http://www.travelizer.io/ - Although it's not as further along as WishCan. Interesting to see so many people attempting to solve the travel planning riddle but it's tough to get it right.

Cannot agree more with wishcan. I sketched up a few different ideas for something like this, but never pushed on because I thought integrating with hotels, airlines, etc. Would painful. Also figured I'd need to automatically parse email confirmations, which would be a PITA.

What is it written in and how much work is left to do?

Parsing emails seems to have got a whole lot easier - most I interact with have started moving to schema.org microformats (eg, https://schema.org/FlightReservation and https://schema.org/LodgingReservation for flights & hotels respectively).

It seems google/gmail are backing this quite extensively, which is how it's finally found traction.

Never heard of https://schema.org/ before. Looks like a great resource thanks!

I often wondered if automating the pain point you mention above (integrating with hotels, airlines etc.) and providing a singular, specialized API for that would be an amazing business opportunity. Seems like one of the existing travel companies could do it, or a travel agency.

Strikes me that you could turn this around somewhat...

When people are publishing what they want, that looks to be a good starting point for travel/lodging companies to come in and make offers to these folks.

"You're looking to stay in Bucharest on Sept 18 and 19? Our hotel can offer you XZY for $ABC on those nights."

Sort of like lendingtree-model for travel. Not quite sure why that's not taken off yet, other than, perhaps, larger company IT systems?

This could possibly work well for smaller regions - contact a local chamber of commerce and have them have all the local businesses make offers to people looking to stay in areas on specific days.

Basically... define a format and let them integrate with you if they want access to the market you've defined, not the other way around.

And just to add on to my previous comment (can't edit it), I have over a 1,000 email subscribers from my website. Haven't actually done anything with those emails yet, but I think marketing to them can be accelerated if I get my site to be more user-friendly and feature rich. Would definitely be interested to talk to you about it

Where can I contact you? I run a website in the vacation space that ranks well on Google for over 100 keywords. I was planning to expand my website and build a drag n drop feature like the one you did. Let me know if I can reach out to you via email, or you can send me one at thepredestrian@gmail.com

Good job so far, just add some airbnb hook there and you got income.

Definitely like the user interface here. I normally do this kind of planning in Excel or Sheets, but it's hard to "visualize" the trip in tables. The timeline is great.

hey it looks polished! my wife and i are planning for a trip to Taipei mid-Sep, so i'm wondering if your app is usable (at least until end of this month).

WishCan is incredible - really well done! Any thoughts of open sourcing it? I would love to host a private version for my parents. Thanks.

Looks very interesting, what options would you consider as far as partnering to have someone continue the development?

How can I contact you the best?

I just used Sygic Travel (https://travel.sygic.com) to plan a very last-minute road trip in Iceland. I knew nothing about Iceland to begin with. I spent less than 8 hours planning the whole trip, and ~ 5 of them were in Sygic. It was great! Post-trip, I can attest that using it helped me make the most of my time in Iceland. I was well-informed during the trip (at least on par with most other travellers I met), and ended-up seeing most of the popular spots.

I think Sygic did a great job with identifying the key user stories:

1. Ability to see a list of interesting places to generate ideas (they've partnered with Fodors, the content is comprehensive, at least for Iceland)

2. Ability to set my travel dates and schedule places that I want to visit on specific days

3. Ability to see places on a map so that I can schedule more efficiently. (I was able to schedule places in different regions on different dates, and thereby minimise driving times)

4. Ability to view and order daily itineraries (list + map) and ability to estimate travel time for a given itinerary. (This helped me avoid being over ambitious and gave me plenty of room to breathe during the trip)

5. Ability to see/book hotels on a map that have availability on my dates. I ended up making all my hotel reservations (4 nights) through their Booking.com integration. Never have I been happier to click on an affiliate link! The ability to visually plan your days and nights within the same interface really helps. Without this, I would have done what most last-minute travellers in Iceland do – book a hotel in Reykjavik (capital) for the entire stay and take day trips in/out. This would have severely limited my coverage of Iceland and cost more.

6. Ability to take my itinerary with me. They have a easy to use (free) mobile app with premium features e.g. offline maps. Paid for the premium features but didn't end up using them as internet worked great in Iceland!

Overall, the interface was really well done, albeit with a 3-4 hour learning curve. I found myself needlessly bouncing back and forth between ideation and scheduling.

I jotted down a few ideas while I was using it:

- Break down planning into several stages: Ideation, Scheduling, Reservations. This would allow the interface to be more streamlined and reduce cognitive complexity of planning

- Provide the ability to algorithmically cluster places into days and find shortest path for overall trip

Anyway, wish can looks great! I'd love to contribute. I'm a pretty good programmer (iOS/Web), professionally a senior product manager, and also have decent design skills. Let me know if I can help. I haven't coded for the web in a while so would prefer to team up with someone with up-to-date front-end skills.

WishCan is super well done!

Wow, that is really good.

Yes. A fully automated business for 3D prints of ultrasound scans in glass cubes. The USP is that you upload a low res scan (most doctors don't want to give you access to the full 3d data) whereupon it does image processing to create a 3d point cloud which it puts into a reverse engineered laser engraving format. If payment is processed on the bundled website it then sends the engraving file and delivery sheet to a sub contractor. Profit. Everything ready to run. Wasn't so very happy with the point cloud quality though, but it's probably good enough. Ran out of interest just before the marketing phase. Hackers eh.

Interesting - don't patients have a right to see their medical scans in full quality under HIPAA [1]? I have successfully requested DICOM files from an MRI scan I did (although it was from a study, not a hospital).

[1] http://www.hhs.gov/hipaa/for-professionals/privacy/guidance/...

Sounds like one of those things that is awesome at the time (everything related to a new baby is), but more like something that will freak you out and make you think 'why!!' a few years down the line.

We hardly looked at the 3d baby scan again after the real thing turned up.

You'd also need to deliver fairly quickly as 3d scans are normally done later in pregnancy so the baby is plumper and doesn't look "like a skinned rabbit" (that was a quote from a midwife) and you'd still need to deliver before the baby pops out.

Interesting! I don't see any contact info in your profile, how can you be reached?

Very interesting, can you email me at tom [at] printtopeer [.] com?

This is something that I've been designing and playing around for a while...

I wanted to implement a generic MUC protocol bridge. Kinda like https://sameroom.io/ is doing, but open source.

My initial approach was to look at Matterbridge (a mattermost<->irc bridge) and go from there. But I simply don't have time to do it anymore. The author is interested by the approach though so ... have at it:



I'm also the author of https://github.com/jleclanche/django-push-notifications and I don't use it anymore, but it's a very popular django app. If someone around here is using it and wants to maintain it (or part of it), please reach out - I tried handing it off to Jazzband but that doesn't seem to be happening.

https://enboard.co - a web app where you can create "boards" filled with links

Some examples of such boards:





It'd be willing to hand it to someone (on partnership basis) who could maintain it and grow it.

Stack is Linode/Ubuntu/Python/Django/Sass.

Why does it pop up something about another site? What is ggather and why do I want to "Be first to gain access to GGather alpha release"?

It's another project that I'm working on right now. The popup is there because the GGather.com will be somewhat similar to Enboard.

Interesting concept. For tech/coding specific lists, we have the various awesome lists on GitHub, but this is a generic approach and solves a more general problem.

I like to save and collect resources. For me, I feel that Chrome bookmarks with folder hierarchy is enough for me to save links, but this will be useful for discovering new stuff.

The second problem you mentioned is main reason why I'm building my another project - GGather.com (you probably saw popup about it on Enboard).

I'd love to partner with you on this! Will get in touch through your contact form.

I built http://mlist.io but currently don't have time to do anything beyond maintenance. If you interested in email newsletters let me know!

I haven't downloaded the app but, by far, this is the best concept on this thread!

I just started using this last week! It's just what I needed and is amazing - thanks so much for this!

I think I'd be willing to help with this.

Very cool concept. I would love to use it and help it.

Should have said you can send me an email - noah.tovares at gmail dot com

Reminds me of NNTP.

Would love to get involved!!!

very cool concept

There's a great website for that: https://www.sideprojectors.com/project/home

Great resource. I have been thinking for such a place where every college kid can submit their projects.

I made WordSafety.com [1] last year. It got some positive attention initially: #1 on HN, and about 79,000 pageviews in the first month... But then I just basically forgot about it, because I was so busy with other stuff. Now, after a year of complete neglect, the site gets about 1300 sessions / month.

If someone wants to take this over, I'd be happy to entertain any offer. The app itself is exceedingly simple (a database-less Node.js app), so hosting costs practically nothing.

[1] http://wordsafety.com

I wrote MSPaint-as-JavaScript library, Literally Canvas (http://literallycanvas.com). People sometimes want to pay good rates for work done on it. I'm always looking for someone to take over most of those requests, since I no longer have time for it.

I'd be tempted to giveaway http://spendful.com to the right person.

Hey Mitchell, Merlin from https://thisisbud.com here. Looks like a cool tool you've made, what's made you close the door on it? I've sent an email over to you anyway as I'd love to hear more about it.

I don't want to close it, just pass it on. I use it myself but neglect the maintenance of it.

By the way, GNUCash is great for that sort of thing.

Have you heard of Mint? How does Spendful differ from Mint? https://www.mint.com/

It forecasts your spending easier than mint, and it was developed back when mint was only open to US and Canada, not sure if it still is.

Wow. I was going to build this exact same thing. And I still might. Would love to chat. My emails in my profile-- didn't see yours.

Also interested in something like this but I don't think I have time to do it on my own. If you end up taking it up and would like some help, give me a shout.

My email is miguel at <username>.com

This looks awesome. If you take it on and want some help, especially with an iOS or Mac app, please let me know jasongrandelli @ gmail

Email should be there now.

Hi Mitchell, I'd be very interested to discuss this with you. I've been working on a similar application for over a year. What would you expect from the right person?

If you take this on, I'd also be interested in helping out.

Just to keep it open, and keep basic usage free.

Great - I'll send you an e-mail with more info :)

I made a program for one handed keyboard input. it has a rather unique way of selecting symbols, and it can insert it into any X11 window. So far it's in far from polished. It runs on Ubuntu if you download some rather common libraries. Take a look in the Makefile for details.

I won't have very much time to continue the development.


This really looks cool. But you should add some brief instructions on how to compile the code in the README!

I only managed to compile the code after one hour of work. Then I'm kinda new to ubuntu.

apt-file search

helped me out a lot. It was only when I could use apt-file to search for pc file that I managed to install the necessary deb packages.

Blanqd. It's a prett neat daily news headline quiz app concept. Built hybrid style and works on both iOS and Android. The quizzes are generated daily using NLP word substitution hacks. Could be cool/lucrative if someone had the energy to put into promoting it, adding in app ads, maybe making it player vs player, etc.


hit me up at mr.manager@blanqd.com

Really like the idea. Thought about similar things before. This is an educational app and thereby makes the world a better place. I like the idea of getting people educated without them noticing it at first.

I have a shitload of open source personal projects I no longer work on any more. Take your pick: https://github.com/priestc

I like that Giotto project.

Does it use WSGI?

I built DocsApp[0]: Documentation Hub for Your Developers. It is 90% completed. It is similar to readme.io.

If anyone interested to buy, please contact me. Email is in my profile.

The main reason I plan to sell is because marketing it is too hard (I am developer).

[0]: https://www.docsapp.io/

http://cloudmatch.io . A server-side app to enable cross-device gesture interaction. Imagine swiping pictures from one phone to another. Currently used by a game app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=perfectearth.a... . The engine of my server app is open-source and I tried to make some profit offering it as a cloud service - hence the name.


I dont have time to continue with this:


Cool thing is that I've made an API to take on orders.

If anyone's interested (even in the domain name) I can sell it to you at a minimal cost.

I've built a couple of App Store & GPlay apps that I am not actively developing or marketing anymore due to lack of time. I believe they have good potential and the ideas can be reused to create similar experiences but you need to invest more time and resources. Prefer to sell but I am open to discuss any interesting options.

- Really Funny Fish Aquarium is a game where kids click on moving fish, who make funny noises and movements [1][2]

- Fun Kids Activities is an app where me and my wife used to post one activity you can do with kids every day with a notification but it turned out it to be quite time consuming for us so we just listed all activities and removed the notifications. [3][4]

[1] https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/really-funny-fish-aquarium/i...

[2] https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/really-funny-fish-aquarium-h...

[3] https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/really-funny-kids-activities...

[4] https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.leandot.re...


Web IDE for GNU Octave (open source Matlab alternative). Originally built it because Octave had no UI and installation was a pain. It was heavily used by Machine Learning Coursera students and currently just pays for its hosting.

I'm sure it could be useful in niche academia market, but don't have time/connections to pivot. NodeJS/React/PostgreSQL/websockets. Email address on the home page.

I have built https://www.writedown.co an opinionated immutable Twitter like social network that has most of the features you would expect (something like Akasha). I wanted to make it compatible with blockchains also. Nodejs (ES7) + Ractive + Orientdb. Didn't get much traction / I lack PR skills. If you think you believe in the idea/cause you can either take it or work together (it is almost feature complete).

http://www.kickassapp.com is never finished!

It's a shame that Assembly.com had to close - you'd find tonnes of interesting side projects there.

We (me a and a friend) built https://board.creonomy.com a visual bookmarking/inspiration organization tool for visual creative professionals, some of them are teams within big corporations that want to pay for the product because they got burned by free stuff such as Pinterest. It is on autopilot. Triple digits paying customers. It also raised an angel investment (that for reasons we can elaborate about if interested, we turned down). A new, better version with much more features and more polished UI is 95% done on my dev machine. Definitely looking forward to someone with the time and drive to make it bigger.

I bumped into an acquaintance a few days ago who reminded me that he was still using a project I'd written a while ago: A language reinforcement app. I had occasional ideas to revive and monetize it, but haven't yet.

[About Glowso](http://gcdc2013-glowso.appspot.com/#/about)

[GlowSo Web App](http://gcdc2013-glowso.appspot.com/#/home)

[A talk I'd done for GDG Tunisia about how I developed it](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CBwOuK9x5VQ)

I made Paper, an Instapaper addon for Firefox: https://github.com/yegortimoshenko/paper

The problem is, I don't use Firefox anymore, so I'm looking for a new maintainer.

Hello, i am a heavy firefox and instapaper user, i want to help with this extension

I made http://dillydally.herokuapp.com, a way to share collections of locations with friends. Made it for myself and friends, but didn't get a mobile site done before I had to move on.


A physics/universe simulator, space RTS in Ruby. Would like to continue developing it at some point but am focusing on other priorities

I've been making a podcast discovery app, it's not live yet but the latest home page screenshot is http://imgur.com/a/Bkn7Y (basically: Trending topics, Recommendations (based on social media profile and listening history, subscribed shows, and iTunes charts), and instant search of over 4.5 million episodes across more than 60 thousand shows.)

I may not be able to keep going on it though because of constraints on time and resources. Would be happy to talk to anyone who'd like to partner on this (or ideas about how I can at least handle hosting bills for such a large DB!). firasd at gmail.

Interesting! Cool idea.. I'm curious to where you got all the podcast data?

Got the Show info from iTunes charts feeds, then parsed the Show feeds for Episode info :)

A web app to have additional metrics in google analytics (your fb fans, youtube views etc,twitter followers etc). Basically it spiders your fb/twitter/youtube pages to get info and send it to ga via measurement protocol. It stayed online for 2 years, put offline a few months ago.

Why take it offline?

I have built a platform for Networking - specifically for conferences, meetups & business gatherings.

We hosted one conference i.e Apple's WWDC.

[1] http://wwdcconnect.com

Having built and given up on an app that did exactly this, I would like to learn more about your experience. I am in the process of giving away the app, back-end, etc. as a result of a flippa auction. https://flippa.com/6895313-curia

An idea came to my mind when I was selected for Apple WWDC. There wasn't a platform to find who else are attending WWDC event.

Connect is an Online platform to meet other attendees before the event -

We build this platform keeping following in mind -

- To share accommodation

- Airport Cab sharing

- A trip/ Sightseeing new city

- Or Business Networking

That's awesome, you are doing much more than I did in the past. Kudos. If you want to connect and bounce ideas you can find my contact in my profile.

I've had similar idea running around in my mind - would love to get a headstart. Shoot me an email at the reverse of moc.eborpdnes@nadeeffoc

Sure thing !

I have a gamification platform like https://badgeville.com/ that we've worked on some time ago. It was like 70 percent done.

I would like to know more about it. Maybe it could be put to use. Which technology is it in? Can you share why you don't want to pursue it further? You can mail me hemantshinde at gmail dot com

Sounds very interesting to me - can you provide some more information about the current state, features and technology?

this looks more like a company than a side project?

The blog says the company has already been acquired by another big company...so how can you sell it?

He states that his project was "like" badgeville.com, not that it "was" badgeville.com :)

I made a music recommendation site: http://recommendindieband.com

After an initial successful post on the indieheads subreddit, it's slowed down to about 15 users per day.

I also had people writing album reviews and they kinda got bored by it so it's been a while since the last review.

If this is a project people would be interested in (built in python / flask), I'll throw it up on github.

https://github.com/pvinis/mazical It's not much but it was a start. I airways wanted to play a game like that do I thought I would make it. It's a maze that you do not see and of the walls until you bump into them. I would love to see someone actually programming it so I can finally play it :)

I started https://togethr.tv/, a website where you can watch synchronized videos with your friends. Other features include text and audio chat. I wanted to promote it, but I never did. Average of 1000 unique users / month. You can contact me on admin@togethr.tv.

I'd be willing to sell tournamentmaps.com - displays tennis tournament information on a google map. I created this when my kids played but they are older now. Data is scraped yearly from the source and map links to source web site. PHP/MySql

I don't have a started project per se, but have some domain names I acquired about 2 years ago for online resume/project/listing sites in the developer/designer space (all ending in ???resu.me). They keep on auto-renewing, but if anyone's interested, I could be talked into offloading them :)

yeah sure, the dns address is not registered anymore (getsdone.io), but i built a productivity app in sinatra; basically it leverages tweet like syntax and allows people to quickly delegate tasks to other people or oneself and track progress on those tasks. e.g. @paulgraham set up meeting for project review at 1pm tomorrow, pick up milk @danny. i basically got the web app up and running, but due to having to work on my full time job and other priorities, i just stopped after the dns name ran out after a year, i might be wrong, but the aws machine is probably still being charged, so all you'd need is a new ssl cert and renew or rebrand the dns name. never really got around to using it myself because most users wanted a mobile client.

epynonymous at outlook dot com for more details.

http://localqueries.com/ Make localized google searches from any country or language in the world. See how your keyword is performing in Cambodia for example. It's working, just need some follow up.

I have been holding on to http://ampoll.com for a while. Technologically, it's there despite a couple of bugs but I've not touched it for over a year now and will probably scrap it in the near future.

I think http://www.strawpoll.me/ is a popular site used on Twitch that does a very similar thing

should use it in the election!

I started this a while back: https://github.com/libeclipse/starlight

Nowadays I'm too busy to keep up with development so if anyone wants to help out that would be great.

I built this site with semi-interactive flash cards for learning a new language:


Just abandoned it. I couldn't come up with a good way to monetize it, so I opened it up to be free.

http://owlpro.io , Wordpress Security Testing Platform.highly appreciated but couldn't find time from day job to complete this. contact me at pentesterkunal@live.com for more info

Started to build UI for Quartz Scheduler but never had time to finish it. You can see general idea at http://www.quartzdashboard.com/

i think its ready to get adopted :)

I'm looking for someone to partner with me on http://www.ballotbin.com

The system needs changes (in frontend, backend, sysadmin). It is pretty much the same as in 2002.

I can help you with the sysadmin/devops stuff, if you want contact me: hn at leandrosf dot com

Oh man, I'd love to build the front-end for this. It really needs help :)

Not exactly give away or sell, rather looking for a partner that could make http://exmerg.com better. If interested ping me at sevce at bitfictioncom.



every now and then i do some maintenence but... you know.

I got servpaid.com which is a front end for Stripe payments.

It needs a lot of work done, I only got a few clients. I really don't know what to do with it... suggestions?

Can you share your interests / capabilities upfront? Definitely have some side projects gathering dust but they need to go to a good home...

a friend gave me http://www.thewebsiteprice.com/ that i am willing to sell, if anybody interested in buying.

Seems interesting. What is the logic behind the price calculation. You can send me details at kuntal.shah@digi-corp.com.

Phrase.it - speech bubble photo app.

Built it a couple of years ago but lost interest. Still used by 100+ users per day. Ping me at Contact@phrase.it

I used to write a fairly popular cross-platform text editor. Been thinking about open-sourcing it.

I have one side project GTheme.io[1] selling Ghost.org premium themes. Some improvement (SSL, auto payment to sellers, content blogging, etc) can be done to make it as passive income. 11 of the themes are designed by myself.

As my focus shifted, I plan sell it.

[1]: http://www.gtheme.io/

Which themes are yours and how much would you be willing to sale the copyright to them for?

Are you trying to create a website where people can give away their side projects?

Yes, Datasets.co. A site for sharing/indexing machine learning datasets.

www.skeleton.io - Was supposed to be a collection of skeletons for tech projects. Interested in selling if you want to

Anyone interested in C++/Windows/Desktop products?

Note, this is a commercial product, customers include Airbus, and everyone else.

Mostly pirated, you'll have to figure that one out.

Asking $125K or $500K for everything.

You what? Can you tell what it does. Just genuinely interested to know that.

Sounds interesting. My email is in my profile.

But what is the product?

S3b why?

a wordpress installer

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