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We've switched 6 or 7 of our production databases to Aurora now. It is much faster than MySQL/Percona Server. Even highly optimized MySQL installs with FusionIO cards struggled to keep up before we switched to Aurora.

Aurora is expensive, but it's a huge instant speedup and easily worth the cost for anyone with a production application that occasionally hits performance limitations on traditional MySQL.

That said, it is based on MySQL 5.6.10, so we are missing some features like online DDL from 5.6.17. Many bugs from 5.6.10 have been resolved upstream but are still present in Aurora. [0] It's also subject to the usual limitations of RDS (no SUPER, no access to the binary database files, no innobackupex).

[0] https://www.percona.com/blog/2015/11/16/amazon-aurora-lookin...

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