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I can't live without the occasional JSONB anymore.

Some can't live without Aurora anymore ;) - they start their projects with MySQL(even thought they prefer Postgresql) to be Aurora compatible, just in case they need it.

I'm curious what are the reasons some people "can't live without Aurora anymore". I would love to hear specific benefits of Aurora, regarding performance or other aspects.

The comparisons I could find didn't seem to be very favorable to Aurora (mainly that the claimed 5x improvement does not show up in the benchmarks)

I moved a 60GB database too it last year that we had setup multi AZ.

We cut our costs by about 40% after the switch and saw about a 20% boost in speed. RAM usage was lower too.

One of the biggest savings is that you don't need multiAZ since your data is stored redundantly. You don't have to worry about failover because the restart time is < 1 minute anyway. The other thing is that I can stop having to keep an eye on disk usage (and paying for unused space) since it just grows as needed automatically.

The man hours alone that we used to put into actively watching and tuning that DB have just vanished as has almost the entire sysadmin burden. That project was already on MySQL too which made it an easy move too.

I wish they'd do something similar for PG too.

The big win for me is administration, not performance.

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