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Virtru | Washington, DC or REMOTE (within America) | Fulltime | DevOps, Javascript fullstack

== Who we are ==


Everyone has a right to keep their digital content private and secure. We founded Virtru because we believe that exercising that right should be easy and convenient.

Virtru allows you to send end-to-end encrypted email using your existing email address and existing email provider with the flip of a switch. We have browser extensions for Chrome/Firefox, apps for iPhone and Android, and a plugin for Outlook desktop.

Our full time team of ~40 is currently ~50% engineers spread among all 4 US-based time zones. We value automated testing, readable/maintainable code, documentation, and code reviews. We run in 2 week sprints and dedicate about 20% of total capacity to things the dev team thinks are important (technical debt, refactoring, exploring a new technology, etc), while the rest goes to feature development and addressing bugs.

We are well capitalized and just closed a $29 million dollar round with top investors [0].

== Current positions ==

1) DevOps engineer to help us scale. We are working on a range of projects including: improving our resource utilization by hosting our applications with Docker, streamlining our build/deploy pipeline so that we can reduce production impact of bad builds, rearchitecting our application layer to increase our throughput and lower our latencies, etc, etc. We work mainly with AWS (too many services to list), Terraform, Ansible, NodeJS, and Python. Please apply via Stack Overflow Careers [1].

2) Full stack NodeJS/Javascript developer with experience building, deploying, and maintaining RESTful web services and infrastructure in AWS using automated tools such as Terraform, Ansible, Chef, Puppet, AWS CloudFormation, etc. Please apply via Stack Overflow Careers [2].

== Get in touch ==

If you care about privacy and are interested in creating security products at a company which thinks that user experience is a first class citizen, please get in touch! We currently use Stack Overflow Careers to track all of our candidates in one place, so please apply via the links below. Please include in your cover letter a short explanation of what interests you about Virtru.

[0] https://techcrunch.com/2016/08/22/email-and-file-encryption-...

[1] https://stackoverflow.com/jobs/119612/senior-devops-engineer...

[2] https://stackoverflow.com/jobs/99104/full-stack-javascript-d...

== Real Talk ==

I wanted to personalize why you might want to check us out as I think copy/paste non-personalized job ads on HN are boring and don't deserve a place here.

I started back with Virtru as a Senior Software Engineer in July of 2015 and work remotely. I have never once felt left out because I am remote. This is my first remote job and I cannot see how anyone would ever want to work any other way now. We currently use Slack, Google Hangouts, and Screenhero, so you won't be cut off to fend for yourself in the wild. Most of the developers are on the east coast, but we have a few people on the west coast & central.

One of the more interesting things about Virtru is that a lot of work is around browser extensions, which is fairly atypical for software products, so you'll get to learn something new. So what's working there like for a remote person? We have a stand up for the feature team at 10AM EST, and one for our DevOps. After that your day is usually in your court outside of the regular sprint end/begin activities (retro, review, planning). If you like going heads down with no/minimal distractions you can often achieve that. You won't be micromanaged to get your work done and getting your work done is the most important measure. You'll get the freedom to experience what it is to worry about only your work and not if you're showing your face for enough hours. If that means you bust ass 3 days a week and keep yourself available for the other two for stand up, possible reviews and questions, and maybe a meeting no one should care.

Rather than write a novel, if you have any questions please contact me via running this JS snippet to get my info:

  [103, 114, 101, 103, 43, 104, 110, 64, 118, 105, 114, 116, 114, 117, 46, 99, 111, 109].map(x => String.fromCharCode(x)).join('')

We are also hiring for a Senior/Lead QA Analyst. Specific responsibilities include:

* Write/update test plans and test cases

* Defect Management including providing feedback on defect prioritization

* Triaging defects that come in through our contractors and oversee their work

* Perform manual tests across all of our platforms, including cross platforms

* Help with managing releases and giving approval for releases

* Develops test strategies, test approaches for performance and automation events

* Suggest and implement process improvements that will accomplish team, department and business goals.

* Striving for efficiency, consistency and effectiveness

Please apply via our posting on Indeed: http://www.indeed.com/viewjob?t=seniorlead+qa+analyst&jk=974...

We are also hiring for a Senior UX Designer.

We might be a good match if…

* You’re a generalist with a sweet spot, or a specialist looking to broaden your skills.

* You value craftsmanship.

* You’ve shipped product.

* You think beyond the ‘how’ and help to define the ‘what.’

* You can think and talk about the bottom line.

* You thrive in user validation.

* You are a cross-platform zen master.

Please see the full description and application on our website: https://www.virtru.com/careers/.

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