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BloomReach (http://bloomreach.com/) — Dallas, TX — Full Time — On Site

I'm an engineer on BloomReach's Platform team in downtown Dallas (hq is in MV). This month we have three new roles:

* Senior Product Designer (http://bloomreach.com/jobs/269444/)

* Solutions and Support Enginer (http://bloomreach.com/jobs/273100)

* Sales Development Rep (http://bloomreach.com/jobs/73214/)

As one of the early hires in the Dallas office, you'll be instrumental in defining the Texas strain of BloomReach's vibrant startup culture.

We're consistently voted one of the best Bay Area companies to work for, and I can safely say we'll be the best in Dallas.

If the above roles don't fit you, but you're in Dallas/DFW area looking to do something new on a small team with bay area culture, I'd still encourage you to reach out and start a conversation.

( stormy at bloomreach )

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