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Chameleon | PST REMOTE (Seattle / Portland / SF / Vancouver / LA etc.)

We're looking for 2 full-stack engineers. Prior remote and startup experience required.

Hate terrible user onboarding? Chameleon (https://www.trychameleon.com) allows you to build data-driven product tours without writing code.

We're VC-backed, with revenue and strong growth since our launch 5 months ago. You'll be joining as our first full-stack engineer and could become Head of Engineering here.

Let's have a 10 min chat to start. Please email me pulkit@trychameleon.com with some info about yourself.

We've all built and [not] maintained product tours, now its time to pass the torch to our business compatriots. Chameleon enables them to show off the product without developers as the linchpin for the whims of late-night copy changes.

We've built a product that runs wholly inside another companies interface allowing them to create and edit right where it matters (engineering wise there are many challenges this presents).

Our engineering motto: If product can think it up, we can built it -- all product needs to do is figure out what is most important ;)

Interview process would be:

* Quick chat with me (co-founder & CEO) to align goals and expectations

* Discussion with our co-founder & CTO to outline our stack and challenges

* Small task and code review to check we match on expectations

* A paid joint project to see if we enjoy working together

FWIW I have worked with Chameleon in the past. Really great firm!

Why are you limiting your remotes to a specific time zone?

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