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Patients Know Best, REMOTE-only. Full-time, with occasional exceptions. Core working hours: within a few hours of GMT (current IRL span: Costa Rica to Bangalore).

See my other posts for more depth on work-life balance (& hiring working parents = many of us), building something that improves life/health, our culture (collaboration and good communication, not competition).

Superb communication skills required -- we all need to be highly articulate, clear, and at ease talking through complicated concepts with each other (skills talking with strangers: useful, but not an everyday requirement). Sometimes remote work tools are (nearly) flawless, but with some bad luck you might be explaining something complicated over a choppy connection with a punishing 3-second delay and a marching band in the background.

If you're interested in PKB's growth, funding, profitability, contracts, etc., ask -- our CEO is also active on HN. Or Google us. I'm in the CTO role.

We're hiring on & off -- currently we're on hold for full-stack devs; but our lead frontend engineer is going to be motorcycling up the South American coastline in a few months, so we need to hire someone with a front-end focus. We need: solid JavaScript skills and you know, the normal front-end skillset; a little behind the times because we need to support IE8+.

Bonus points for JSP experience (the backend is pretty solidly Java-based at present), HighCharts. We're in PoC stage for front ends that build on our REST API (to escape the Java-based stuff entirely).

Bonus points (all positions) for experience in the medical world (as an intelligent patient counts!), as well as some history building things from scratch.

More details (and to submit an application): https://www.patientsknowbest.com/careers.html

I applied 11 days ago and never received a reply.

Did my application get lost or do you only reply if there's a fit?

Hi Emil, apologies, we're due for another dive into applications. We do try to reply to everyone, but at present we're small enough (and busy enough) that we run through applications in cycles... so there can be a significant delay.

I'll try to review yours tomorrow to at least get you an initial response.

For anyone else applying - if you have a time constraint (like "I think we'd really work well together, but I need to have a job lined up in the next 2 weeks") then you can contact me directly at cto@ (company domain).

Is a reply really necessary. Granted, when a reply does come through (even if negative), it feels good that you've been noticed.

I'm not sure how the hiring culture has changed recently, but I remember around 8-10 years back, I'd send my resume to many companies. No reply, means they are not interested.

Same with dating :)

I don't have a problem with them not being interested, just like when dating :-)

But since I am applying to places I only really care about, I'd like to know when I'm not a good fit (so I can improve in the meantime), but mostly because so much tech stuff can go wrong (db died, email got marked as spam, their reply got lost somewhere, etc).

Yes, my email going into their spam folder always worries me. I usually opt for an online application if they have one on their website.

No wonder, lever.co seems to be doing well.

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