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Zeal - http://www.codingzeal.com - Medford, OR / Portsmouth, NH / San Diego, CA - ONSITE (preferred) / REMOTE (possible)

Zeal is a web and mobile development consultancy that empowers small to medium-sized organizations to solve huge problems.

Headquartered in the heart of downtown Medford, OR -- the center-point between the global technology hubs of Portland, Oregon and San Francisco, California. We also have offices in Portsmouth, NH and San Diego, CA.

We're looking for Rails, Javascript, and UI/UX engineers to craft solutions to delight and serve customers.

Collaboration and teamwork are key. We’re pragmatically agile, and believe in a sustainable work schedule.

You’ll fit right in if empathy, enthusiasm, artisanship, and appreciation towards one another are some of your most valued attributes. We want you to bring a deep passion and excitement for the engineering art form.

If this sounds like you, we definitely want to talk!

Apply here: http://codingzeal.com/hiring

Interesting to see something in Medford - how'd that happen? Someone didn't want to move, or...?

Nice area in any event.

Hey davidw, definitely a fair question. Truth is we actually started here and really want to grow here because we love the area. Thanks for your comment!

Cool - drop me an email if you're ever up in Bend - there's a nascent startup industry here which is pretty cool.

Love Bend! We've sponsored Ruby on Ales the last 2 years. We love that event and that area (Bend is one of my personal favorite places to go in the state). I'll look you up next time around!

What's the industry looking like in Bend? Are startups there focused on any particular markets? In Portland most smaller companies and startups are outside of tech (artisanal goods, food, etc)

There are a few companies here (even one that posted in this thread) that do tech, and a few VC's with one foot here and another in the Bay Area. There's also a decent outdoor sector, as you can imagine.

Holy crap, someone with an office in SD! I will definitely be checking it out :)

Looking forward to it, alexcarroll!

Are you recruiting any management/director-level? I'm in Maine, would love to work on something like this in Portsmouth.

Not at the moment, but we're always excited to chat with anyone that's got a passion for the craft.

Would you employ a Canadian citizen? (i.e., would it be appropriate for me to apply?)

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