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Tipping Canoe | Winnipeg, MB Canada | Full-time | On-site | http://www.tippingcanoe.com/careers/

Do you dream of electric sheep? Are Jelly Beans, Kit Kats, Lollipops and Nougat (let’s face it, it should have been Nutella) releases before they are desserts? Do you find yourself arguing that Open Source is the software Renaissance, that a Nexus is better than a Galaxy, and that an iPhone wouldn't know real multitasking if it hit it?

If this sounds like you, we're looking for native Android developers to join us in making apps for sites ranging from established communities serving over 1,500,000 members to startups looking to invent themselves through a slick Google Play presence.

We'll start with some basic questions over email and follow up an in person interview to get to know you and your experience level.

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