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Monzo | Backend Engineer | Full time | London or Remote | https://monzo.com/

At Monzo we aim to build the best current account in the world. We are always keen to hear from capable, creative engineers who want to help us accomplish that goal.

We’re still a relatively small company with only 10 people in the backend engineering team and 50 people in total. This means you will need to wear many hats in the beginning but it also means there are many interesting challenges ahead that you can specialise in if you like. Broadly, the work we’re doing covers these areas:

* Distributed platform: We aim to be the first bank without a single point of failure

* Banking and payments: We write code that moves money

* Product engineering: We help our customers by hiding the boring parts of money management

* Financial crime: We need to stay ahead of criminals trying to steal data and money

* Internal tooling: We automate everything so the rest of the team can work smarter

Our backend architecture is composed of hundreds of distributed Go microservices running in the cloud. They are managed by Kubernetes, store data in Cassandra, do RPC with linkerd/Finagle, and use Kafka for asynchronous queueing.

Lots more detail is on our website : https://boards.greenhouse.io/mondo/jobs/244898

Are you looking for any devops/infrastructure specialiasts? I bring a lot to the table: Lot of AWs experience. Can code in python, Java, bash and can understand C,Erlang, Scala(trying it).and I am a Cassandra architect/admin. I also work a lot on the hadoop stack.

I am in Ireland.

> [...] and we're open to remote working as long as you can spend around 20% of your time in London.

Is there any flexibility on that requirement?

Potentially; we don't have many remote employees yet (but we'd love to in the future) so we're still finding our way with it.

Hey, I know you occasionally take interns. Are you still open to that?

Absolutely. We don't have an ad up for internships specifically (we probably should!), but you can fill out the backend application and mention you're looking for an internship :)

What kind of salary you would offer to these interns?

Could the internship be remote?

I'd say it's unlikely, but anything is possible.

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