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Senior Node.js Developer | Interactive Intelligence | Durham, NC | ONSITE

Interactive Intelligence (NYSE:ININ) is hiring a senior Node.js developer to work on our cloud-based chat service.

We make software to manage call centers. Our chat service is just a small piece of the PureCloud Collaborate product. You can see read more about the overall product here: https://www.inin.com/unified-collaboration

The role on my team is specifically for developing a highly available service built entirely on AWS and use technologies like Socket.io, DynamoDB, XMPP, Redis, & Kafka. The team is currently 4 developers and two developers focused on integration testing.

The interview process is straight forward: 1) phone screen with team lead 2) small coding exercise 3) half day in person interview.

You can email me your resumes directly at andrew.austin@inin.com or read the full listing here: https://www.inin.com/careers/job-listing?p=job%2FovuJ2fwu

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