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Mozilla Research | Berlin, London, Paris, San Francisco or REMOTE | Research Engineer - Servo

Servo is a new browser engine designed for maximum performance and safety on modern hardware architectures. Our goal is nothing less than building the fastest and most secure browser engine.

We're looking for someone who wants to experiment with better ways to do JS engine integration. One example path forward is described here: https://gist.github.com/michaelwu/beec9e0a31d906da3d98.

We work with Rust, C, C++, and Python, and all the work we do is open source.

The interview process is several phone screens, a take home coding challenge, and finally an on-site interview.

Apply here: https://careers.mozilla.org/position/gh/267268

If you're interested in hacking on Servo and are still in school or have a job you love already, feel free to get involved with one of our starter bugs: https://starters.servo.org/. We are happy to help you get involved.

Please don't list an arduous application process and then say "if you don't feel qualified for the position." It's rude and feeds imposter syndrome.

I apologize and I'll remove that bit. It was not my intention to feed impostor syndrome and we try to do the opposite by being supportive and encouraging of current and potential contributors.

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