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Secure Mission Solutions | Full Time | REMOTE

We are a team of about fourteen developers and sys admins. We are looking to hire an additional software developer with strong Unix/Linux skills and (if possible) a good knowledge of computer security. We work from home and communicate via text and video chat. We work 40-hour weeks with flexible hours, but we try to overlap as much as possible with 10am-4pm Eastern Time. We are currently working on about five different projects, each written in one or more of five different programming languages. These projects are small, ranging from one to three developers each. Nearly everyone works on at least two different projects, so we all need to be competent in more than one language. Some of us started as system administrators and later became so ftware developers. Others are pure developers with solid Unix/Linux skills.

  - Work from home!
  - Relaxed atmosphere
  - 40 hour work weeks

It sounded like such a perfect fit, and then:

> Must be US citizen living in the US and able to obtain a security clearance

So the standard for remote jobs that are interesting and pay well.

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