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I am loving Heroku for the exact reason described in this post: no sysadmining. At first I thought that wasn't possible and expected all kinds of issues with gems etc, but so far everything I've tried really does Just Work™.

This may warrant a separate question, but I've seen various posts here and there about running Ruby/Rails on GAE using JRuby. Does anyone have any experience as to just how realistic that is as a deployment option? I can imagine it being full of headaches, but I would love to hear from someone who has either tried it or is actually running it on a production app.

I've not run it myself, but a neighboring team tried it and switched to Java due to latency issues. Remember that anything you do at startup will affect latency for some requests when App Engine has to spin up a new JVM. It's to your advantage to make startup times as fast as possible.

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