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This crosses the line into personal attack, which is not allowed on HN. I'm sorry I didn't see it sooner, while the thread was still in high dudgeon.

An internet forum in rage mode provides nothing close to due process, so when people start to target individuals here, I start to feel queasy if not outright sick. The bloodthirsty side of the hivemind is quite capable of jumping to wrong conclusions, indeed routinely does so. HN needs safeguards against this. One safeguard is users reminding one another that witch hunts are a thing, and a bad one—I wish I'd seen more such comments in the current thread, but at least there were some. Another safeguard is moderators drawing lines when the discussion gets nasty.

Some of you will object that exploitation and fraud are also bad things. Indeed they are. All of these are bad things, and an internet thread based on a blog post doesn't have nearly enough information to sort through who did how much of which of them. Therefore we should all curb our impulses.

I've flagged several other comments that target individuals and have closed this thread to new accounts, which have run suspiciously rampant in this discussion. If anyone wants to read the full thread including all the flagged/dead comments, you can do so by browsing HN with 'showdead' set to 'yes' in your user profile.

I've detached this subthread from https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=12380121 and marked it off-topic.

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