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They just took down the facebook page

edit: its back up

Haha wow here is what they wrote before they took it down http://imgur.com/a/Tf5bM

While $50K sounds like a lot of money, it actually sounds reasonable for 3 months severance + back pay + her "signing bonus" (relocation).

They should have consulted their lawyer before making that "press release," as they call it. Perhaps she could have explained to them the difference between libel and slander.

Thank you!

This is probably just Tess on her own thinking she's being proactive and in charge of corporate image.

Someone should tell her that accusing someone of extortion without proof is likewise libelous.

Tess, i don't remember that character in the saga? Or do you mean Jess, as in Jessica?

Yes, the name to which I've referred is the pseudonym Jessica though her real name is not a matter of record, though powers-that-be consider discussion of her on this forum now to be a witch hunt and off-topic.

That is correct. Please see https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=12395442.

now, they hire someone to delete comments in facebook !

So... they are admitting they fired her for cause - which, given the cause, is illegal under CA law?

Yeah, some real geniuses at work here. No wonder they took it down.

Now the page is down again. (NOTE: I wanted to see if they had posted anything else in their defence in interest of hearing both sides to the story.)

Ignoring whether they were in the right or wrong, they're certainly not handling this very well as a company. If they now re-brand themselves again that would not be a great move if they maintain any link to their former selves. As a start-up I'm sure getting investor finance after a media fiasco like this may be particularly difficult, regardless of a name change.

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