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AIUI, PackageManagement really is literally just a convenience API for providing a consistent set of calls for driving arbitrary package management systems, and has no package management capabilities at all itself. It's actually not Windows-specific.

The actual package management system for PowerShell modules is PowerShellGet.

On Mac, PowerShell Core includes PackageManagement, and two "providers" - an adapter for PowerShellGet and one for NuGet, so you seem to be able to do either:

Find-Module AWSPowerShell.NetCore

(to use PowerShellGet directly)


Find-Package AWSPowerShell.NetCore

(to go through PackageManagement)

Urgh, double-post and no edit or delete options - thanks, HN.

Thanks for the (double :-) ) explanation! This kind of capability in PowerShell is definitely interesting.

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