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Landing page:

> WrkRiot pulls signals from your resume and matches them to job posts. That's right, we do the searching for you. We'll be updating this section with videos, walk thru's and more.

"walk thru's"? This website looks like garbage

Just look at the blog too. I'm not sure who thought that a blog post entitled "10 WAYS TO SURVIVE AT WORK WITHOUT SLEEP" would be a hit with job seekers. (Not to mention that 100% of their blog content -- 7 posts -- was posted 3 days ago)

10 WAYS TO SURVIVE AT WORK WITHOUT SLEEP: www.wrkriot.com/blog/2016/8/26/10-ways-to-survive-at-work-without-sleep

Guess employees are the target audience for this post.

Yeah, but shouldn't all 10 steps be "find a new job"?

Guess this company needs to work on robots.

Replace employees with robots and write a blog post: HOW WE WORK 24x7

The content to it was horrendous. Just scanned the 10 points out of morbid curiosity, and the last one is "see a doctor."

Seems like they think its normal to work tirelessly through out the day and night.

I'm blocked by a sign in page. Did they take down the blog in the last day?

It's too bad no one archived that blog post about how to get by without sleeping. It was very personal, and very stupid. If anything, it was evidence that this company didn't have a clue and was letting its social media person fill the blog with crap (which was unread by the executives) just so that it looked like the company was doing stuff.

It was up a couple of hours ago. Seems like they went full retard and nuked a lot of things, including their websites, tweets, etc.

All of their blog posts seem to have been posted on the same day...

it's all behind a password wall now though you can find some pages via google cache

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