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We need to divide DDoS here in two categories:

-DDoS you can handle (small ones). That anything up to 1 or 2Gbps or 1m packets per second.

-DDoS you can not handle. Anything higher than that.

For the smaller DDoS attacks, you can handle it by adding more servers and using a load balancer (eg. ELB) in front of your site. Both Linode and DigitalOcean will null route your IP address if the attack goes above 100-200Mbps, which is very annoying. Amazon and Google will let you handle on your own (and charge you for it), but you will need quite a few instances to keep up with it.

For anything bigger than that, you have to use a DDoS mitigation service. Even bigger companies do not have 30-40Gbps+ capacity extra hanging around just in case.

I have used and engaged with multiple DDoS mitigation companies and the ones that are affordable and good enough for HTTP (or HTTPS) protection are CloudFlare, Sucuri.net and Incapsula.

-CloudFlare: Is the most popular one and works well for everything but l7 attacks (in my experience). You need to get their paid plan, since the free one does not include ddos protection - they will ask you to upgrade if that happens.

-Sucuri.net: Not as well known as CloudFlare, but they have a very solid mitigation. Have been using them more lately as they are cheaper overall than CloudFlare and have amazing support.

-Incapsula: I used to love them, but their support has been really bad lately. They are on a roll trying to get everyone to upgrade their plans, so that's been annoying. If you can do stuff on your own, they work well.

That's been longer than what I anticipated, but hope it helps you decide.


Worth noting that Incapsula had _multiple_, _world wide_ outages back in March. Akamai is a more expensive, but more reliable/proven alternative.


Yep, we suffered through it.

To be fair, they all have some downtimes from time to time.

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